Weston Way Nursery School

About Us


The Nursery was built in 1942 as a day nursery for the children of mothers working long hours in the local factories helping with the war effort. This factory is now Tesco.

In the war the building was camouflaged with sludgy paint to protect it against aerial attacks. It was open long hours and accepted babies and children under five. There was a Matron, a Sister and a team of Nursery Nurses. The nursery was originally managed by the Health Authority and governed by a Matron. It was open long hours providing meals, breakfast through to tea. Rules were strict like hospitals, towels folded, each child with a comb, flannel and toothbrush. Children were put to bed every afternoon, in the summer beneath the horse chestnut tree which dominated the garden.

The Education Authority took over in 1946 and the hours were reduced in line with schools. The current land was sold to Hertfordshire County Council by the Bondor Company under a covenant on the understanding that it would be used for educational purpose only. The Hawser Hut building was established on the site nestled between mature trees to provide care and security for the young children.The nursery school is situated in the south-west of Baldock. It is a single storey building set in an acre and a half of beautiful grounds, which have been designated as an Educational Nature Reserve, and where the children can really appreciate and benefit from the environment. The nursery celebrated a successful 80 years in 2022.

We offer part time and full-time places, which are allocated in accordance with our Admissions Policy. The children are admitted rising four in September and attend for three hours for either five mornings or five afternoons each week. In 2016 we introduced 30-hour places. The Nursery offers extended provision for early drop off or a later collection dependent on family needs.

Children come to us a year before entering the reception class at a school of their choice. Please note that a child’s nursery place has no bearing on acceptance into their preferred school choice at any setting. We therefore work closely with all schools as children transition into Reception.