Weston Way Nursery School

Extended Care

We pride ourselves on providing the children with a range of fun activities and experiences throughout their nursery year and this extends to our extended care provisions.

We offer a range of opportunities for our children to extend their nursery day and benefit from their additional time with us.

Little Larks (Families - Extended Care menu tab)

 Silver Adventurers (Families - Extended Care menu tab)

Sparkly Stars (Families - Extended Care menu tab)

Clubs (Families menu tab)

Holiday Play Schemes

For many years we have been running very successful and fun holiday play schemes and offer play schemes during most of the school holidays.

The summer holiday play scheme runs for one or two weeks during the summer.. It is operated and staffed by staff co-players from the nursery.

The half term play schemes run for one full day or two half days over the half term and is again staffed by nursery staff co-players.

The play schemes run between 9.00am until 3.00pm on each day and the children bring along a packed lunch. Each day has a special theme and activities are provided around the theme, they are always very popular and offer a wide range of fun activities both inside and out.

Any questions you might have about any of the above please feel free to ask.

We can be contacted via email if this is more convenient at: office.manager@westonway.herts.sch.uk

Parents/carers need to be aware that any extended provision may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of the Senior Management Staff Team in accordance with nursery policies.

Booking Procedures

To ensure we provide a high- quality extended care service to meet your family needs, we adhere to the following procedures:

- Parents and carers book sessions follow the steps in the booking information shared

- Fees are charged at the advertised rate for each new academic year

- All payments are made in advance of the booking date (or on the day if a late booking)

- We are not able to refund or transfer bookings once payment has been made which includes any holiday, sickness or cancellations

- Hospital or medical appointments cannot be refunded, but a credit option will be considered by the Headteacher

- We accept childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare.  You will need to inform the office how much money you have transferred and what it relates to so that funds can be distributed accordingly

- Future bookings will not be authorised if there are outstanding balances on your account

- There will be a late charge for any child who is not collected by the end of the session time

- Please arrange a meeting to discuss any financial needs with the Headteacher regarding payment plan options

- All children are to be collected promptly at the agreed time each day using a password system

- If a child becomes unwell during the nursery day then they will not be able to attend extended care provision


Thank you for supporting the running of these sessions through these steps and considerations.