Weston Way Nursery School

Special Educational Needs

Weston Way Nursery School welcomes all children.

At Weston Way Nursery School, we consider individual needs, interests and development of every child in our care.  We believe in building warm, positive relationships with our children.  The information we learn about our children is used to appropriately challenge each individual in all areas of learning and development, providing them with strong foundations.

We learn about each child through our interactions and observations.  If at any point, we notice that perhaps a child is not developing typically for their age then we will discuss our observations with the parent/carer as it is important to consider if a child may have a special educational need that requires specialist support.

Equally, parents/carers are encouraged to inform us at the nursery if their child has any specific needs to ensure that appropriate considerations and adjustments can be made to meet their needs.   We welcome families to visit the nursery to see our provision and share any concerns they may have with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), Abbi Whitehead.

SEND Code of Practice 0-25 years (2015) 5.36:

There is no delay in making any necessary special educational provision and that Early action to address identified needs is crucial to the future progress and improved outcomes that are essential in helping the child prepare for adult life.

For some families, the term SENCO may be unfamiliar.  We hope the following leaflet provides a useful overview of the SENCO role giving an insight into the responsibilities of the role.  We feel passionate about ensuring every child has their needs met and take pride in each and every step we take in partnership with you.

Further support for families can be found following the below link to the SEND Hertfordshire Local Offer: