Weston Way Nursery School


All clothing and footwear must be named as this aids your child’s independence and helps them to feel secure within the nursery environment.

At nursery, it is not compulsory to wear uniform however we encourage families to do so.  This can be purchased from Smarty’s Schoolwear:


Smarty's Schoolwear are based in Stevenage Town centre.

 You may wish to purchase name tags for your child's clothing and footwear.  

These can be purchased here:  My name tags

The nursery also receives a 24% donation back to the nursery to support the purchase of resources to aid your child's learning adventure.

This provides our children with a sense of belonging and also enables them to get lost in their learning without worrying about whether they are dirty.  Sometimes the dirtier they are, then the higher levels of engagement!

Uniform Items:

  • Weston Way T-shirt
  • Weston Way Sweatshirt / Fleece
  • Shorts/Joggers
  • Weston Way Sun hat / Winter hat
  • Navy waterproof trousers
  • Easy on/off footwear (no laces please), e.g., Velcro trainers, Velcro shoes, strapped sandals
  • A pair of wellington boots which must be named and are kept at the nursery because we store them for children to use in the outdoor environment as they use these almost every day in some cases!
  • Please no sunglasses
  • Coat or rain jacket for warmer days

If you are not dressing them in uniform, please ensure clothes have fastenings that they can manage and are clothes that will not be ruined by paint or glue.


Please do not bring toys from home into the nursery school as this can cause issues and upset between the children.